I empower and hold the space for you to self-heal,
to integrate trauma, finding resilience and inner peace.

Creating the next chapter of YOUR LIFE with MASTERY and INTENTION

Meet Yara

Yara Grant combines her knowledge of Psychology with direct experience of her own self-discovery journey, adding her spiritual gifts, intuition, empathic abilities and creativity to the mix. In the sessions Yara will create a safe space for self discovery and transformation. She tailors each session to the client's needs. With Yara you won't get a general approach. Each client will be treated as an unique being and she will dynamically guide you according to your needs. Yara meets you 'where' you are in your journey and she aims to give you an exclusive service based on your life's circumstances. 


The Results


Working with


“After a week with Yara I was feeling alive again, after 2 weeks I was back, laughing and living and loving, hope had returned and with that all the joys of being alive."

John Bassi

CEO, Chief Pilot, Bassair Aviation

Yara is truly one of the most incredible and empathetic people you will meet, who genuinely cares about your well-being and progress throughout your journey. She is an inspiration and motivation to me that no matter your circumstances; you can succeed. 



Key Account Manager


“After a few sessions, I enjoyed great success with this approach and, such was my relief, I discussed extending the coaching from Yara to help me with developing my self.

I was already interested in mindfulness and meditation but what Yara thought me was how to apply these techniques in overcoming some very real, difficult and intangible challenges in my life."

Peadar Hegarty

Head of Strategic Projects at KWV and Owner of Atlas Initiatives



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