John Bassi
CEO, Chief Pilot, Bassair Aviation

“When I met Yara my world had literally fallen apart. I was an emotional disaster and had reached the deepest and darkest place possible. My mental state, fears, anxiety and depression was effecting every aspect of normal life and I was rapidly heading for personal doom. I could not contemplate the long and drawn out procedure of sitting “talking” to someone for weeks about all my problems, I needed to heal fast and get life back on track. I was referred to Yara, and skeptically forced myself to meet her.

I had no confidence in anything that Yara represented but I was desperate, I even told Yara at our first meeting that I did not believe she could help.

Yara quietly explained her methods to me and I found myself looking at the door and wanting to bolt for the hills.

How wrong was I? After our first long session Yara had managed to lift me out of doom, I was able to face obstacles that 2 hours earlier had been insurmountable.

After a week with Yara I was feeling alive again, after 2 weeks I was back, laughing and living and loving, hope had returned and with that all the joys of being alive. Yara is not an ordinary human!!!”


Monique F.

Key Account Manager

"Meeting Yara was truly a turning point in my life, her passion and belief in her methods resonated deeply with me, as she explained her method of practice and the power of the subconscious mind. Feeling apprehensive I decided to commit fully to the coaching process, both out of curiosity and the will to heal.


I had contacted Yara at a time of incredible desperation, sadness, heartbreak and despair. I felt like giving up. Only through coaching was I able to come to the realization that I had been at war within myself and angry at my body for constantly letting me down for so many years. On a conscious level I was completely unaware that it became normal from a young age to hate myself, to punish my body to feel a sense of achievement and self-worth because I was so embarrassed and ashamed of a debilitating chronic issue with my bladder that affected every decision I made on a daily basis to avoid having 'accidents' in public. Over some 20 years it had destroyed my self-confidence, leaving me almost incapable of showing love or kindness toward myself anymore.

Yara is truly one of the most incredible and empathetic people you will meet, who genuinely cares about your well-being and progress throughout your journey. She is an inspiration and motivation to me that no matter your circumstances; you can succeed. Through her methods, Yara guided me through difficult emotions, stress and anxiety and provided me with tools that I have and will continue to use long after our time together. I'm now living a 95% normal life regarding physical symptoms. I also learned to live in a state of increased awareness and a very positive state of emotional health."


Peadar Hegarty

Head of Strategic Projects KWV and Owner of Atlas Initiatives

“I initially contacted Yara Grant because I was interested in the technique of Tapping (EFT). This following a car accident that left me with some trauma I was struggling to deal with.

After a few sessions, I enjoyed great success with this approach and, such was my relief, I discussed extending the coaching from Yara to help me with developing my self.

I was already interested in mindfulness and meditation but what Yara thought me was how to apply these techniques in overcoming some very real, difficult and intangible challenges in my life. For example, I had ended a long relationship and I was struggling with being alone. Yara taught me how to love myself again and how important that is before trying to define who my companion should be.

In all I have completed almost 20 sessions now over the last 6 months. I am totally stress free, I live constantly in the Now and my Spirituality has been totally enriched by this experience. My life quality is transformed and I give thanks to the gifts of Yara for her guidance and wisdom on this journey.

Finally you don’t need to feel you have a problem to work with Yara , just believe there is always a better You, and she will help you find it.”


Claire J.

Psychiatrist in Private Practice

“The decision to enter into a coaching process is often a big step to take at a time of crisis. Two things are critical; the Coach and the modality.

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to Yara as a most wonderful coach and for introducing me to tapping as an extremely effective modality.

As a coach, Yara is committed to upholding the magic of the individual in their process. Her skill is her creative, caring, reflective, nurturing and intuitive ability to gently but firmly guide one along the healing journey. She ‘sees’ one… And actively holds the processes of emotional release and growth towards self-understanding and freedom from mental illness and distress.

Tapping is an incredible modality. It seems so profoundly simple but works at so many different levels. I was amazed at how quickly one can access emotional memory, making these available to be ‘neutralized’ through the tapping process and via the verbal affirmations. It is a powerful healing tool that is relatively short-term and produces lasting results.

In short, I was most privileged to find Yara and tapping at a time of crisis. I started as an individual crippled by fear and riotous anxiety and 4 months later, I am confidently able to say that I ‘eat life for breakfast’! What marvelous healing! Thank you, Yara “


Debbie Anne

Managing Director

“ I was referred to Yara by a colleague who mentioned how the ‘tapping’ method had helped him during a very stressful incident. Having seen therapists and counsellors over many years for various stress related issues, I was naturally very curious to hear about Yara’s methods.

I can honestly say that Yara’s style of coaching and ‘tapping’ technique has been a tremendous help in reducing my anxiety levels. I felt immediate relief on some ‘lighter’ issues and as time progressed, I felt old issues diminish or no longer overtake my emotions the way I used to allow them.

I can highly recommend Yara as a coach who allowed me to feel safe, unjudged and someone who genuinely cared about my progress. My personal growth and of course reduced stress levels have been a welcome relief.”


Vanessa Harris

Owner of Custom Health

"It had been suggested that I see Yara to help with a multitude of chronic illness symptoms, for which I had no clear diagnosis and which had been severely affecting the quality of my life for over 15 years.  Although I had heard of coaching and EFT, I had no idea what to expect.  What I experienced with Yara was a serious process made gentle and manageable, often interspersed with laughter, making everything feel surmountable. The sessions left me feeling hopeful, lighter and more energetic.

I appreciated Yara’s professionalism, warmth, calmness, her deep insight and ability to simplifying complex issues making the coaching process extremely valuable.  

Coaching with Yara enabled me to deal with many stressful situations with less worry. It also immensely improved my energy levels, so that I could continue to help myself. "