The Simplicity of Being 

Online group program 

This course is designed as a foundation for creating peace and ease in your personal life and relationships. To build a life worth living in all aspects.

In this program we will explore and experience who you really are right in the beginning and study the mind and its patterns. From there we will dive deep into all parts of yourself that are in conflict with the truth of who/what you are. 


Week 1:Stillness

Week 2:The mind

Week 3:Courage

Week 4:Integration 


What's included? 

  • Small group; 

  • weeks intensive;

  • Live Zoom weekly meetings at 8:30pm London Time; 

  • All calls are recorded and available to view; 

  • Tailor made exercises and deep self-inquiry tools; 

  • Spontaneous Q&A sessions based on the needs of the group;

  • Private Facebook Group with hands on support Monday to Friday. 

No Paypal account needed.
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