The Simplicity of Being 

Going deeper to embody your true Self   

with Yara Grant 


Welcome to the simplicity of being movement. Here you will discover the depths of your being where true peace lies.

This is a place for those who want to go deeper into themselves. 

here you will understand your mind, reconnect to your emotions and your body. You will also learn to move through life from the deepest part of your being; the only place where true lasting change can occur.  



In her work Yara combines her knowledge of Psychology, emotional health and 35 years of her own spiritual and personal development journey.

Yara worked in mainstream settings in the UK and with holistic approaches in South Africa and online.  

Having found peace within, she now strives in assisting others to find true peace and fulfilment, embodying the truth of who they are to help make tangible changes in their lives and the lives of others within.

To make this available to a large number of people Yara work is available via 'Conscious contribution’ in all her online group meetings and sliding scale for her 1:1 sessions

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