Unleash your Inner Healing Power 

3 day meditation challenge

Meditation is an amazing tool to get in touch with the highest part of yourself. 

A meditative state is where we allow space to our thoughts, feelings and deepest desires to come to the surface.

It is a 'place' where deep transformation is possible. 

It is where we will open ourselves to invite healing on all levels. 

It is time to listen to your truth. 

It is time to activate your inner healing power. 

Come join us in this experience.

Yara Grant is a Transformation Catalyst.

She has recovered from auto immune conditions, chronic illness, food sensitivities, anxiety and depression.

Yara has a passion for empowering women to create  emotional freedom by crashing limiting beliefs, creating new supportive patterns and accessing a higher consciousness. 


She can’t wait to inspire you to create the life you desire.